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Primary function and objective of this West Bengal State Book Board is to publish books in Bengali which is the main regional language (mother-tongue) in Bengal, for the Postgraduate and Undergraduate students of different disciplines and of different Universities in our State. Apart from the text books, Book Board also publishes books on subjects which are not in the syllabus but classical in nature and of immense academic value. This is how it works towards expanse of the educational horizon. In publication of the books by the Book Board the 'Subject Committee' appointed by the Board, plays a very vital role.

Subject Committee:

For every discipline of the curriculum, there is a committee called 'Subject Committee'formed by the Book Board. The 'Subject Committee' comprises of experienced scholarly teachers from different Colleges and Universities. This Committee selects scrutineers/examiners to examine and evaluate manuscript written by eminent Scholars/Academicians/Professors before it is recommended to the Board for publication. The Scrutineer cum Examiner can instruct the writers regarding additions, alterations, composition and amendments in the manuscript. The writers edit the manuscript based on their suggestions. Then the 'Subject Committee' further checks and presents it to the Book Board for approval. Once it is approved by the Board, it goes for printing.

Till the financial year of 2015-16, West Bengal State Book Board has published 630 titles in 30 disciplines as mentioned below. If reprints/editions are taken into account the gross publication figure may even exceed 1000.

List of Subjects in which Books were Published by West Bengal State Book Board

  1. Agriculture
  2. Botany
  3. Chemistry
  4. Commerce
  5. Computer Science
  6. Defence Studies
  7. Economics
  8. Environmental Studies
  9. Geography
  10. Geology
  1. History
  2. Journalism
  3. Law
  4. Library Science
  5. Literature
  6. Mathematics
  7. Music
  8. Philosophy
  9. Physics
  10. Physiology and Medical Science
  1. Physical Education
  2. Political Science
  3. Psychology
  4. Sanskrit
  5. Sociology and Human Studies
  6. Statistics
  7. Teachers' Training
  8. Technical Education
  9. Terminology
  10. Zoology

For the interest of the science enthusiasts and curious book-lovers, the Book Board once published “Bigyan Pustika”“Lok Bigyan Granthamala” and two very popular ''Science Magazines''. Publication of these magazines was once very important activity of the Book Board. The Book Board has a plan to publish a Research Journal in the near future.

Bigyan Pustika:

Not really related to the academic courses, yet these books have an enormous store of knowledge for science-lovers. This publication is hugely popular among book-lovers even today. The Book Board has published 61 such books in this section which attract the science enthusiasts and curious readers a lot.

Lok Bigyan Granthamala & Tri-monthly Magazines:

The Book Board had reprinted rather republished ''Bangiya Bigyan Parishad’'s popular science-book series --, “Lok Bigyan Granthamala”. The Board also used to publish two tri-monthly magazines on Science and Mathematics namely, “Amader Bigyan Jagat” and “Ganitcharcha”. However, the publication of these magazines has been stalled now but the precious old issues are still available.

Terminologies & Dictionaries:

Publication of Terminologies and Dictionaries is one of the very important activities of the Board. The Dictionaries that have been published by the Board are as follows – Ganitik Paribhasa (1 & 2nd Part), Udvid Bidyar Paribhasa, Prani Bigyaner Paribhasa, Paribhashik Abhidan, Bhugol Paribhasa, Bhuboigyanik Paribhasa, Medical Abhidan, Rasayaner Paribhasa, Rastra Bigyaner Paribhasa, Padartha Bidyar Paribhasa, Chikitsa Bigyaner Paribhashik Shabdaboli, Aswabhabi Monobidya O Monorogbidyar Abhidan, Bhujongo Abhidan etc. Many Dictionaries and Terminology-books are out of print at this moment. However, Board is ready to reprint the same if there is any bulk requirement in future.

Book Fair Participation:

The Book Board participates in various Book Fairs like The Kolkata Book Fair, World Book Fair (New Delhi), Agartala (Tripura) Book Fair and also many other small and big book fairs all over West Bengal. This is one of the very important activities of the Book Board in regard to publicity campaigning and marketing of its products.